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This week I attended the Jisc Final Programme Meeting at the Jisc offices in London. The attendees were mainly from the Strand B Mass digitisation projects, but there were also representatives from the other strands there.

Discovery was a big topic of conversation, and we discussed the results of the Jisc discovery survey. We talked about the methods we each employed for data discovery, the strengths and weaknesses of those methods and also the mechanisms we used to measure the success of those methods.

It was nice to discover that when you searched for ‘historic UK sea levels’ our Jisc and BODC project pages were all the top hits, so we need to build on this.

There were presentations from some of the projects about what the future holds, and a couple of them mentioned crowd sourcing and citizen science. One in particular discussed the creation of generic crowd sourcing tool kits, which could be of use to us, so we will be contacting the speakers to see if they can offer advice.

Kelvin's first tide-predicting machine

Kelvin’s first tide-predicting machine, Science Museum

And finally, when I was in London, I had time to pop into the Science Museum and see Lord Kelvin’s first tide-predicting machine. It is a lovely bit of engineering and I would recommend popping in to have a look at it!