Lens is more

I mentioned at the end of last week’s post that I’d like to try time lapse photography. This week, I’ve been doing a bit more research. We’ve got a couple of Canon DSLRs at work so I had a look on the Canon website for more information on time lapse photography. There are four tutorial videos by award-wining photographer and “Canon Explorer of Light” Vincent Laforet.

From the website:

“Vincent Laforet introduces basic time lapse concepts including what to look for when searching for the ideal time lapse subjects, how to ensure smooth movement during playback, and other useful tips to get started.”

I found the videos really informative and now think I could probably have a go at shooting a time lapse movie. Here’s a photo that might give a bit of a clue as to what I’d like to film…

Crosby beach - photo by Bev Goodwin

Photo by Bev Goodwin

The only slight issue is that I don’t think we have any of the lenses that Vincent recommends in his tutorial videos. I had a quick look online and they all seem to cost about £1500! I’ll have to see if I can do it with a cheaper wide-angle lens instead…