In the edit

This week, a few of us attended an introductory course on filming and editing at Futureworks in Manchester. We spent four days learning how to plan, shoot and edit a short film.

Day one was spent learning how our video camera works, how to shoot video using DSLR cameras and the basic principles of lighting. On the morning of day two we learned how to plan and storyboard a shoot; in the afternoon we went to Manchester Art Gallery (on location, as I believe it’s called!) to film a short piece about a couple of the current exhibitions there.

Filming in Manchester Art Gallery

Day three was spent in the editing suite where we learned how to import our clips, rearrange them, edit them and create a timeline. Day four was all about adding the finishing touches, audio, effects, titles, etc.

Editing at Futureworks
Having just completed the course, I feel we can now produce a short film by ourselves on our project for JISC. We’re all bursting with ideas about exciting content. I’m hoping we can get an intervalometer so we can do some time-lapse filming…