Kaffee und Kuchen

Last week I attended the European Geosciences Union (EGU) General Assembly in Vienna. We had a poster in the “Climate: Past, Present, Future” session. The session was very well attended and I had a number of enquiries, including quite a few people telling me how difficult it was to get things digitised and congratulating me for doing this work. Which was nice!

There were other examples of data digitisation presented in other sessions. Johannes de Beer presented a talk in the session “Where earth scientists meet Cleopatra: Geoarchaeology of rocks, sediments, soils and climate” entitled “Advantages and limitations of three-dimensional geological modelling for cultural heritage management”. The presentation discussed digitisation of geoarchaeological data and their use. Stefan Harnischmacher presented a poster in the session “Landscape in the Anthropocene: state of the art and future directions”. The poster “Human-induced Geomorphic Changes caused by Coal Mining: The Example of Mining Subsidence in the Ruhr District (Germany)” described digitisation of elevation data from historical maps dating from 1892.

There was also a poster in our session, “Global and regional sea level change since 1900” by Jens Schröter and Manfred Wenzel, which discussed analysing historic tide gauge records to look at global mean sea level change.

Kaffee und KuchenAnd, once I’d finished work, there was time for a spot of cake…