Spreading the word at EGU

The General Assembly 2013 of the European Geosciences Union (EGU) is held at the Austria Center Vienna (ACV) in Vienna, Austria, from 07 to 12 April.

EGU 2013 will bring together earth, planetary and space science experts from around the world, providing a forum where geoscientists can present their work and discuss their ideas with peers.

We will be presenting a poster in the session “Climate: Past, Present, Future: Global and regional sea level rise and variability: from past to future”. The session aims to discuss various questions. For example, do we fully understand the reasons for global and regional sea level rise in the past, present and future? What is the role of ocean dynamics and fresh water flux from melting glaciers and ice sheets in determining patterns of sea level change? How unusual is the rate of present day sea level rise compared to recent centuries?

The session will include contributions from sea level studies using historical and recent measurements from tide gauges, satellites, ocean and earth models, with the aim of improving our understanding of past and present changes in sea level and better predicting future change.

The session is part of celebrations marking the 80th anniversary of Permanent Service for Mean Sea Level (PSMSL). There will be special emphasis on studies that have added to sea level science through use of the PSMSL and other national and international sea level data sets.

Sea level poster for EGU 2013

(View a .pdf of the poster)

Our poster (EGU2013-4922: CL4.5/OS1.7) describes the JISC project and how the digitisation of data contributes to long-term climate records.