Fluent ENGrich

This week we had a meeting with the JISC ENGrich project group, based in the School of Engineering at Liverpool University, about producing Online Educational Resources (OERs). As the group are located in the building just across the road from us, we decided it was about time we went and saw them.

Brodie Tower, University of Liverpool

They gave a very informative presentation about the group’s past, present and future projects, including the CORE-Materials repository. As the staff there have so much experience of producing OERs, as well as pioneering student-led learning, we decided to ask for advice as to how we might put our OER plan into action. We learned a lot about the strategic upload of resources!

We had happened to pick a day where the ENGrich team were filming their final report video, so were able to ask questions about the techniques they used and what equipment and editing software they recommend. We picked up a few tips on how we might produce our own video.

Let’s hope this is the start of a very productive partnership.