Sustainability suggestions

On Friday I attended a JISC Sustainability workshop in Bristol. It was for both the Content Programme 2011-13 and the Digging into Data programme. The workshop was led by Rebecca Griffiths and Nancy Maron of Ithaka S+R.

Bristol Temple Meads (image taken from Russell Ede′s Flickr photostream and used under Creative Commons)

One of the first questions asked was “What is your goal for the end of this project?”

We would like to carry on with digitising analogue records. We have more historic charts in our archive, and we want to work with international programmes such as The Global Sea Level Observing System (GLOSS) data archaeology group to explore future opportunities and make use of emerging technologies.

We would also like to ensure that the digitised data and resources that we have created under the JISC eContent programme are being made use of. I managed to pick up a few pointers on how to embed our OERs in academic teaching at the workshop. It’s not enough just to make our resources available; we need to put them where the users are. As well as putting the OERs on our website, we will look at putting them on university websites as a start. If we are to produce OERs for a wide range of academic users, from schools and colleges to universities, we need to make sure that the lesson plans will fit in to the curricular and the subjects being taught and are tailored to the right audience.

Some of the documentation provided at the workshop can be found on the JISC Business Modelling and Sustainability webpages.