Storm Surges and Climate Change project

In May of this year, we collaborated with the University of Liverpool Ocean Sciences group to propose an undergraduate honours project that will make use of the data we are digitising for JISC eContent Capital Programme.

Ocean Sciences research project proposal

We found out last week that the University has chosen a student to undertake the project proposed. It was also heartening to discover that our proposal was the most popular of all those offered this year!

The student will be looking at storm surges around the UK and analysing our recently digitised data for signatures of storm surges. A storm surge occurs when the sea level at the coast is higher than expected, due to the action of the wind.

The proposal stated:

“There is a general expectation that climate change will be accompanied by increased frequency and intensity of storms, which can initiate storm surges.”

Long-term historical records, like those held by BODC, are particularly important when looking for evidence of these events.