The Chart’s in the Post

We have spent the last week preparing charts for delivery to the firm carrying out the digitising work.

The initial project plan states that the charts were to be digitised in four batches, to be delivered at the end of May 2012, August 2012, November 2012 and February 2013. After the delivery of the first batch of data, the digitising firm asked us if it would be possible to send all of the remaining charts in one go, to simplify their work planning.

Charts in their boxes, ready to be delivered

Charts in their boxes, ready to be delivered

The charts we’re sending are from 15 sites, located all around the UK. Preparing them for transport isn’t just a case of sticking them in a box. We’ve had to check that what we have listed in our archive database matches the records we hold, before preparing a loan record (another database entry that tells us which records are held where). As well as setting up a paper trail, we have to make sure that the charts themselves are in a suitable condition to travel. The oldest of the charts we’re sending date back to 1943 and some are in a fragile condition.

Next week a member of staff from NOC Liverpool will drive them to the digitising firm in one of NOC’s vehicles, to ensure safe delivery.