NERC Archives Group

Last Tuesday, NERC’s archives and records managers groups met at NERC headquarters in Swindon. The archives group consists of representatives from the British Antarctic Survey, the British Geological Survey, the British Oceanographic Data Centre, the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology and the National Oceanography Centre.

Two of the topics we discussed are relevant to the JISC content programmes. One concerned how we deal with copyright. For instance, if a volunteer comes in to help us catalogue our records, they create metadata in doing so. Does the copyright of the metadata they have created lie with them, or with our organisation? Can we pass that metadata on to third parties or make it publicly accessible?

NERC head office at Polaris House in Swindon

NERC head office at Polaris House in Swindon

The other relevant issue discussed was how we measure performance. Each group has to provide performance measures at the end of the year. These include keeping a database of requests, along with the standard recording of website statistics. These help us monitor the impact of our groups and help us to provide a more useful service in the future. Through the JISC content programme, BODC hope to find new and improved ways of monitoring our impact, and these meetings give us the opportunity to pass these ideas on to the other archives members.

Though this blog is mainly about the JISC Rescue of Historical Sea Level Data project, and other things involving BODC sea level data, we would like to draw your attention to the services offered by the other NERC archives groups.