Visit from the JISC Programme Manager

This week we had a project team meeting, attended by our new JISC Programme Manager, Peter Findlay.

I think the project team found it really useful to meet the new programme manager. Hopefully it enabled us to give a bit of a background into what BODC do and talk about our experience of collecting, collating, quality controlling and distributing marine data and metadata. We also discussed why we selected the content we did to digitise, particularly the importance of chronologically extending (and filling gaps in) the sea level data record.

BODC's office, Liverpool

BODC is located in the Joseph Proudman Building, Liverpool.

The meeting consisted of a bit of a project update report, just to say things are progressing on schedule. We discussed the meetings we have attended (most of which we have reported on in this blog) and also the links we have made attending the workshops and the possibility of working with other people involved in JISC digital content projects.

The meeting also provided us with lots of ideas for new blog entries. It’s really helpful for us to get an outside perspective on our work – it helps us to realise where we could provide a little more explanation to newcomers about work that is routine to us or things that other people might find interesting that we haven’t thought about. So expect an entry in the future about why people started making sea level measurements in Britain in the 19th Century, as well as one on the process of digitising charts; why do we do it and how is it done?