JISC Web Usability Workshop

On Thursday 12th April, I attended a JISC Web Usability Workshop in London. The sessions were run by Stuart Church, a web usability and User Experience (UX) design consultant. The idea was to learn about user-centered design and how best to present the data gathered and resources created in the Rescuing Historical UK Sea Level Data project.

Centre Point in London, where the workshop was held.

Centre Point, where the workshop was held.

Dr Church discussed the need for user-centered design, how we might research and discover our users’ requirements and how we could build, test and evaluate a website accordingly. Although Dr Church provided a wealth of information, the sessions weren’t overly didactic – discussion was encouraged and everyone present shared their experiences and contributed ideas. By the end of the day we were all making suggestions for each others’ project websites.

As well as being useful, it was also interesting to find out more about the JISC projects the other workshop participants were involved in – many of which had faced the same issues that BODC encountered.